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Start Your Weight Loss Diet Now!

The whole purpose of this article is to inform you about the steps needed to make a weight loss diet.  The first step in creating your new diet is to look at your current one and find out what’s good and what you can get rid of.  If you haven’t seen my article on the first step to losing weight you should check here.  As mentioned in that article, natural foods with low-calories will be the best addition to your new diet. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when your starting a new diet, there’s a lot of foods your going to miss and that’s normal.  Dieting is never an easy task, what make’s it easier is having a stable food line up that taste great while still managing a low-calorie intake. Now isn’t this what everyone wants? If there was great tasting food that wasn’t unhealthy for you wouldn’t everybody eat it? It has never been easier to find out these magic recipes so I’ll include a list of some of the best diet guides/cookbooks that will help you on this journey.

The South Beach Diet Cook Book

Known as being one of the best-selling cookbooks on the market, ‘The South Beach Diet Quick & Easy Cookbook’ doesn’t disappoint. With over 14 million copies sold with previous editions, this new edition has been proven by doctors and nutrionalists to bring you healthy and nutrient-rich foods that will help you lose weight.  One thing that separates this cookbook with other cookbooks on the market is that all these recipes(200+) have less than 10 ingredients and take LESS than 30 minutes to cook making this cook book one of the best weight loss diet books on the market!  The number one thing that people associate with healthy eating is the ridiculous prep and cook time of these healthy meals but South Beach Diet aims to change that with their revolutionizing recipes.  You wont be disappointed with this cookbook so I recommend you check it out.  Again with any product that I review or share, it’s only there for you to utilize to make your journey of weight loss a little easier.

The Keto Reset Diet

The South Beach Diet is great and has proven to work time after time, but a new diet book released October, 2017 by Mark Sisson, has showed a completely new and effective way to diet unlike any other.  Other than South Beach, I can say that almost all diet plans/cook books are the same, but what Mark Sisson did in the ‘Keto Reset Diet’ has absolutely changed the way we now look at dieting. 

Proven to work through years of research shown here, eating high fat, ‘low-to-moderate protein’, and low carb foods, it allows you to escape carb-dependency and reset your metabolism to burn fat instead of sugar for energy.  This sounds different and surprising but the research and results don’t lie!  This life changing book contains over 100 recipes, daily meal plans, and step-by-step guidance to help you achieve that better body!  I highly recommend you check out what this book has to offer.

The South Beach Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Compared to the cook book previously mentioned, the ‘South Beach Diet Foolproof Plan for Weight Loss’ teaches you about the art of dieting.  I can teach you the basics of dieting that you can implement today and lose weight effectively, but if you don’t stay motivated it can be hard to stick with your diet. 

That’s why I believe this is one of the books that should be essential to your arsenal.  This book aims to teach you how to stick with your diet and give you a diet plan that will keep you on track to losing weight.  A person that sticks to their diet is unstoppable in their goal to weight loss, and with this book, South Beach Diet is trying to make you that unstoppable force.

Why Natural Ingredients?

The more natural the food you eat the better, I’m not saying you need to go full-organic with your diet but using alternatives like wheat flour instead of white flour, and using whole fruits and vegetables in your recipes.  Every weight loss diet consists of natural ingredients as they have the lowest calories, most health benefits, and can be found pretty cheap if you know where to look.  Not only will it be better for your body, but it’ll make you a happier person! No I’m not making this up, eating healthier has been proven to improve your mood.  Serotonin, a chemical in your brain commonly known as a mood regulator, affects your overall mood, it’s synthesized naturally in foods rich with Vitamans B&D and fish being one of its’ big inhibitors.  Another chemical, Tryptophan, causes the synthetization of serotonin.  Tryptophan can be found in a lot of proteins and carbs believe it or not. That’s why choosing the right, healthy carbs and amino acids found in natural ingredients for your new diet will not only lower your calorie intake helping you lose weight, but will help you sustain a better mood throughout your day.

On top of natural ingredients helping your mental state, foods with natural ingredients tend to have fewer artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.  Some disadvantages to artificial ingredients include the risk of cancer and causing allergies(learn more here).  You can easily determine which foods have natural ingredients by looking at their food labels.  Don’t just trust the label on the front that says “Natural Ingredients” because most of the time they have MSG which is a flavor-enhancer that most healthy eaters try to avoid.  If this seems like a lot of information to digest please look at the cookbooks and diet-guides listed above as they truly will make this process easier for you if you are looking to lose weight.

With some of the steps I’ve talked about in this article today I hope you can truly start your brand new weight loss diet and start seeing some results!


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