Easy and Healthy Smoothies for your Diet!

Smoothies are my favorite drink and can be essential to a healthy diet if made right!  Smoothies can be an easy way to add some fruit, vegetables, even carbs or protein to your diet without the high-calorie risk.  The recipes listed here today vary in protein, carbs, and vitamins but are easy to make.  Each […]

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The First Step in Losing Weight

Most Important Tips for Safe Weight Loss  Okay so you decided you want to lose some weight, Great! You’ve taken your first step already by visiting this website.  If you’re wondering ‘how can I lose weight?’ or frankly ‘how can I lose weight?’, then you’re in the right place.  Through writing this site I hope […]


15 ways to be more secure online

Welcome to the New World. Email phishing has evolved. Trolls can target your Facebook timeline, and your social security number is probably floating around the internet right now. Even Wi-Fi is no longer completely secure. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is a shining path you can follow to keep yourself safe. Or, […]